Friday, 29 April 2011

sem breaks :)

tomorrow PORT DICKSON  wellcoming me ! .
oh yeahhh ! :D 
act dat one pic mse holiday after spm :) so tmorrow pulak i'm going to get a rest, 
releasing tension, relaxing mind and gain happyness at port dickson ! :D

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

webby bersama eyqha

hhahahhaa ! inilah cousin aku ! muke mcm hape kn masing2 :P 
malam ni sy tolong dy edit blog dy :) 

Friday, 8 April 2011

If you go I'm scared I'm going to lose you
You've changed my life I can't lose you now
You're my best friend everything to me
Been there when I didn't even seem to care.
Helped me out when I was in doubt
Making me stronger when I felt weak
Through good and bad whatever you go through
I will go through with you
No matter what happens I care about you
I will never forget you!
I will always remember the times we spent together,
The times you helped me out, the memories we have,
The way you took away my frown and made it a smile
You showed me that not everyone lies,
It's okay to be myself and not anyone else
But most of all you helped me to be me,
Helped me to believe in things again.
Having you as my friend has helped to mend my heart,
My heart which has been broken and hurt many times.
Thank you for helping my happiness, my smile and me!

dear dude

Everything is good,
And round
Say i hear again
All the sunlights blasting marvelously away
I classed my past
And all my failing illusions, they've disappeared without a trace

I'm glad, i found
Somebody who, i could rely high

This is the real time where the two blood boys
All the sadness temporary just blew along
Save me from this fever, i feel nice to see how clever
The way it takes to mingle right

Everything is good,
Soft and green
Say i claim again
Space collision, i don't know what's coming down
Standing steady, beneath this chemical bird passing by
Now I'm a man that sacrifice all his life to see this in real

I'm down, i found
Somebody who, i could rely high

This is the real time where the two blood boys
Don't want to favor, all the best is gone
Tell me I'm a worth sharer, a soul you couldn't live without to understand this better
Honestly the way we mingle high is so unique and bright

Covering our deceptions
Go sneak somewhere, melancholic messing
I see so clearly, right above my house
Not that your around, symphonies are boiling bright

This is the real time where the two blood boys
Drop the ground living world for the out space dome
Say I'm not so scared about it, drift the bond with whom we made it
Everything is so good and round

betol ke frenship tu takkan hilang ?

frenship tu takkan hilang ? betol ke . ?hurmm .
kawan ke kau bila takde time aku susah ? kawan ke kau bila takde time aku perlukan ?
kawan ke kau bila takde time aku cry ? kawan ke kau bila tak same2 rase susah ? 
kawan ke kau bila lupakan aku time kau senang ? kawan ke kau bila tak memahami aku? 
kawan ke kau bila tak percayakan aku? kawan ke kau bila takde time aku sakit? 
kawan ke kau bila pergi time aku panggil kau?
kawan ke kau bila buta sbb something yg nonsence? kwn ke kau bila tak penuhi janji?
kwn ke kau bila tak hargai ape yg aku dah buat? kawan ke kau billa tak memaafi sesuatu yg salah?
kawan ke kau bila tak beri peluang kedua dlm persahabatan ?  
kawan ke kau bila marah kan aku sbb sesuatu yg tak munasabah? 
kawan ke kau bila pergi tinggalkan aku sekarang? kawan ke kau biar kn aku seorang diri mcm ni?
kawan ke kau bila tak pernah tanya khabar aku bila aku jaoh? 
kawan ke kau bila kau buang semuanya tentang aku? kawan ke kau bila selalu buat aku menangis?
kawan ke kau bila taksusah senang bersama? kawan ke tuh ?????????? 
kenapa buat aku mcm ni? kenapa ... :_( 
mana janji kau nk kawan ngn aku selamanya.. kenapa cepat sgt kau berubah ..
aku ni siapa dlam hidup kau ? tak boleh ke kita mcm dulu .. ? why .. :_(
kau dah janji nak bg aku present bfday for last year . kau dah lupe? 
mcm mana aku nk hidup dgn frenship yg destroy like this . i need u deeply fren .
can't u understand it ? :( do the doors have closed your heart for me? i missu fren ..

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

family i need yaa !

bestfren i miss yaa !

boyfren i love yaa !


long tyme past away seconds to seconds minutes to minutes hours to hours
days to days and years to years .. sometime we cant even feel the time that 
we're running to . as time changes , life needs more sacrifies and had lots of 
challenges waiting for .  and when people change it called changes . and only
 us know wether the changes bring to light or to dark . instead , only us 
can change our life for the sake of future . regreting the past were nothing .
and thinking about the brightness of our future are definitely good . always play 
with afford + pray and then u will get = success ! 

lovely AA <3